NextM - The Next Normal takes place as virtual morning sessions across three days. Here are the highlights of the agenda. 

Does branding still matter?

Monday 2nd of November 09-10 CET (10-11 Helsinki time)

Our keynote Mark Ritson, marketing guru extraordinaire, will delve into matters such as short-termism replacing branding. Who, then, needs a CMO? Is there even a future for brands? 

Don't miss out as Ritson presents a smorgasbord of pressing issues for a marketer to keep track of.


The Future of Marketing

Tuesday, 3rd of November 09-10 CET (10-11 Helsinki time)

Advertising and marketing giants Bob HoffmanAnuradha ChughRory Sutherland and Marion Koopman sit down together for a panel discussion on what the future of marketing looks like. What changes need to be made to create a better advertising ecosystem? What will be the trades of the future CMO and how will they earn consumers' trust? 

Also, meet Amrita Randhawa, CEO of Mindshare APAC, to learn more about the most expansive part of the world and how it has served as a looking glass into the future of the industry because of COVID.

Will Tech Save our Future?

Wednesday 4th of November 09-10 CET (10-11 Helsinki time)

This amazing panel, including both tech advocates and tech skeptics Adah Parris, Pascal Finette, Isabelle Axelsson and Daniel Epstein, will discuss innovation vs. activism - one before the other or hand in hand? A brand can choose to ''be good” or “do good”, but what is the right strategy for the business and the planet? Will consumers trust brands to save the world?

Don't miss out!